Why Does Audio input Output with Realtek driver not work

if audio input and output don't seem to be operating with Realtek audio driver then the highest two most reasons may occur.

Why Does Audio input Output with Realtek driver not work

Top1 Reason: Your Audio Enhancement Driver Issue.

Your system’s audio input and output won't work because of the audio improvement driver issue in your system

you need to update your audio drivers or uninstall and transfer the contemporary Realtek audio driver from here.

it’s quite potential that it'll resolve by change your Realtek driver.

Solve Audio input-output not working problem with Realtek driver

First, you wish to form positive it's a Realtek driver issue or anything. thus you head to the device manager to envision this.

Right-click on My pc icon and click on on properties.

on the higher left corner, you may notice the device manager option-click and open.

in the device manager, you wish to search out ( audio, video and game controller)

if you found it click to expand it then see if you discover Realtek driver meaning its put in in your computer.

How to check if the problem is in Realtek driver?

Now if you're within the device manager and already found the Realtek driver choice within the given list.

then see on the Realtek driver choice if associate degree exclamation point or any yellow icon is showing with Realtek driver it suggests that one thing is wrong with Realtek driver.

Now if you see associate degree icon or mark on the Realtek driver it suggests that you wish to update your audio driver.

How to Update Realtek Driver?

The Update method is sort of simple and easy once more goto device manager by following the on top of directions.

right-click on the Realtek driver and you may see the choice within the list for update driver. you'll be able to see it within the image given below.

if you wish to urge a whole and careful post on the way to update Realtek HD audio driver then you'll be able to follow this link and you may notice the concisely delineated nearly three ways in which to update your Realtek driver.